Bel like Taco Bel

It's Bel like Taco BeL


Hello everyone!!

Welcome to my page! I am so absolutely excited to share with you all my first website. I want to give you all a glimpse into everything I've been working on through my journey. I am a singer/songwriter, actress, model, humanitarian, and everything in between. I want this page to be more than just a place for you to hear my music and see my visuals. Eventually I want it to become a forum or place for me to be able to personally connect with you guys on any aspect of life. On my social page you will find my blog. There I'll be talking about everything from health tips, self-love, the universe, how to rid of toxic energies, my spiritual journey, & even beauty tips and tricks for those on a budget. I'm a firm believer in always setting genuine intentions for your work, your endeavors, and your life, as they all intertwine. There is no limit to what any of us can do, "only the mind that makes it so."